Lady Antebellum Removes Word Antebellum From Its Name

On June 12th country band Lady Antebellum announced that they remove 'antebellum' from its name. “We had a lot of discussion on the matter, we prayed a lot and we involved many of our close people in to make this decision.”

Instead, they will use Lady A – a nickname their fans would usually use while referring to them.

The trio says they regret using the word for it refers to the era of slavery in America.

“We admit that we didn’t give much thought to all the associations that word comes with. But initially our intentions were to highlight the area our favorite music comes from: Blues, gospel, R&B and country – it was all born in the South,” reads their letter.

They also agreed on how embarrassing is the fact that it took them so long to come to the conclusion that they have to change their name.