Lady Gaga Finally Releases Her New Album

It took Lady Gaga whole four years to let us finally hear her new, full-length release “Chromatica”. It became available on May 29th. In no more than two weeks the album reached the tops of the charts, making it her sixth consecutive album to reach number one. The album consists of thirteen songs and is divided into three chapters by orchestral compositions.

Don’t get us wrong, Lady Gaga is a very talented artist with an impressive portfolio and we love her beautiful, strong voice on this album. But, truth be told, it doesn’t feel like this exact album is taking you anywhere.

Let’s highlight such songs like, “Alice”, “Sour Candy” and “Rain on Me”. Three tracks feature out of this world tones and knocking beat, like in the first song, the other two contain elements of disco, new wave, and house and that’s pretty versatile of Gaga. But that’s about it – the rest of the album sounds pretty much the same and isn’t going anywhere sonic-wise.

“Fun Tonight” and “Free Woman” have serious, important messages in them but how does she expect us to take those seriously by backing with upbeat samples?

“Rain on Me”, a collaboration with Ariana Grande is a girl-empowering anthem we all needed in these uncertain and tough times, that’s for sure. In an interview with Paper Gaga explained how the single “celebrates all the shed tears. It is a women’s conversation with each other on the matter of how to keep on moving.”

Regardless of how repetitive is the album, it still provides some catchy tunes and we’re happy that Lady Gaga is back on tracks.

Lady Gaga and K-pop group BLACKPINK have collaborated with the song “Sour Candy”. In 2018, BLACKPINK signed to Interscope Records, including Lady Gaga, to fully enter the American market. BLACKPINK became the first K-pop girl group to perform at the Coachella Festival, and together with BTS entered the US and UK charts for the first time. BLACKPINK’s collaboration with Lady Gaga marks their first new release since their mini-album “Kill This Love”.

The track “Sour Candy” is included in Lady Gaga’s sixth album “Chromatica”, which is already available on all music platforms. After the release of Chromatica, Gaga wrote on Instagram: “Now dance motherf motherckers !!!!!!!” The new album also includes the song “Rain on me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande and the singer’s duet with Elton John “Sine from above”.

The album consists of 16 tracks. The term Chromatica, or chromatic scale, is used to refer to halftones both in music and in color. The singer confirms that this name resonates with the concept of the record.

In the list of people involved in the creation of Chromatica, fans have discovered the name of Max Martin – the man who gave birth to such hits as Baby One More Time Britney Spears and Can’t Feel My Face from The Weeknd.

Lady Gaga is a witty, deep, and extremely precise interlocutor. The very fact that she seemingly casually talks about the human inability to maintain peace of mind in rare moments of happy peace and the reasons for this universal psychological flaw, makes us drop cases, turn off instant messengers, sit in front of the monitor and just listen. She knows very well about herself that she is smart, that she can hold other people’s attention for a long time – and skillfully uses this.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter