Lauren Dicioccio's Experimental Approach To Textile

Lauren DiCioccio shows us different and experimental approach to textile through her work. Changing the construction of embroidery and following organic, natural forms she creates something familiar and abstract at the same time. “I want to turn simple materials into something new and alive. I call it sculptural alchemy. The source material is usually simple patches of cloth, stuffing, sometimes I use wood,” she said in an interview. “It’s as simple as it is complex to work this way, as an artist I find infinite possibilities in it.”

“I shifted from more direct or, better say literal style of making things to this current, abstract one in recent years,” Lauren added. Lots of errors and trials ended up in what she’s doing now. DiCioccio’s actual background is painting, she learned sculpting herself.

She started sewing in 2005 with absolutely no experience in the craft. “Without even knowing how and what to sculpt, I was just creating things, objects,” she says. “At this moment I do know something about sculpting objects and those objects’ relationships with the space they’re in. I think I’ve made some big steps.”

Check out some of her pieces we picked for you below and also follow her IG for more.