We will remind, Lindsay Lohan shot in the late 90s, playing the main role in the comedy “The Parent Trap”. In the mid-2000s, the young actress had a difficult period. She was arrested more than once for drunk driving and caught on drug use.

Today, as Lindsay Lohan’s relatives assure, the artist leads a correct lifestyle and plans to return to intensive work in film and music.
The actress who’s already tried herself in many suits, including businesswoman, singer, and songwriter returns in the latter one, with a hint on new material. It’s been almost twelve years of hiatus.

The last time actress and singer Lindsay Lohan released an album was in 2005. The record was called A Little More Personal (Raw) and consisted of 12 songs, which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard list. Her fans started asking when will the third one be?

In 2020, Lindsay decided to finally please fans with another long play after a break of almost 15 years! It seems that over the years the artist has forgotten how to announce the project. Instead of a series of powerful posts and promotional collaborations, LiLo left a humble comment on her fan’s public page.

It all started with the fact that the administrators of the Lohan fan page published a snapshot of the singer and in the caption to the post expressed the hope that they would be able to listen to her new album at least this year. Among the hundreds of responses to the publication, Lindsay’s own comment was lost. “At the end of February,” the artist wrote. All of her social media accounts rang with a 30-second teaser with a short “I’m back!” caption.

The clip is a follow up after Lohan’s comments on her third full-length album, that was supposed to come out earlier this year and never actually did. Back in August 2019 Lohan did a somewhat similar thing, teased another track of hers called “Xanax”. The snippet was quickly removed and the track was never released.
It is worth mentioning that her 2004 debut album Speak reached No. 4 on the Billboard.

It is worth mentioning that her 2004 debut album Speak reached No. 4 on the Billboard.