Papier Mache Genius Shares Her Exquisite Creations with the World

Polish native, Maria Fiter makes eco friendly papier-mache lamps. After finishing her studies of Art History in Cracow she founded her own studio in Barcelona. “I’ve always been good at manual work, like drawing or sewing or  furniture,” Fiter said in an interview. “I realized how much I love lamps during my internship in the Erasmus. At the time my main material was wood,  though,” she adds.

“I wanted to be eco-friendly and papier-mache perfectly suits the purpose as you can make it out of newspapers. And there’s tons of that stuff that people don’t care about and just throw it away,” she explained. She gets newspapers from friends, bars or where ever she sees them and makes her lamps out of that collected material. “Reusing existing material is the best way to create new things,” Maria says.

People seem to like her lamps. They look good and are sustainable. You could see her works in such publications as Vogue, Design Milk and Elle Decor. To physically see them and buy you can visit Barcelona’s Soho House and Heal’s.

Her work manages to sit between design and art. You can recognize her love of organic, natural shapes in every lamp. “Usually every new work starts from making sketches,” Maria goes on describing her process. “Once I understand what kind of shape I want, I need to decide what mold would be the best for that exact idea. I made myself  some different types of molds, like cardboard or balloon, I also have a mold made of Coke bottle.”

“I think I make these lamps for those, who like this kind of materials and shapes,” she explains. “I have these things in my own home as well. Design-wise – I want it to be simple.” And the design is really simple, but when you look at the final product – it’s quite striking.

Take a look: