Magical Creatures Flood the Streets of New York, and It Looks Beyond Whimsical

Did you ever wonder what would happen if magical creatures started roaming all around us? We mean, if everyone could actually see them and marvel at their beauty? It’s not the first time someone painted whimsical beings into real-life photos, but Loe Lee, a New York-based illustrator, has definitely brought something new to the table.

Last year has been tough for the whole world and New York was no different. But despite all the hardships, New Yorkers didn’t despair and kept on supporting each other even in the darkest times. Loe Lee was inspired by the spirit of companionship and how people could overcome anything when they opened up to each other. That’s when she got the idea to make a series of drawings named Creatures of Hope to commemorate the lively spirit of New York and its citizens.

Loe Lee created a whimsical mix of real places and friendly magical monsters that blended easily with skyscrapers and roads packed with traffic. Her works show that our world is more than meets the eye – it’s a much more deeper, joyful, and mysterious place than we care to admit even to ourselves. Looking at her drawings it’s easy to forget about all the hardships our world is still going through. There’s just so much magic in it!

The artist is also working on some beautiful and tender murals in her home city, adding even more beauty to the streets and walls of New York.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y