Make Your Instagram Feed Inspirational and Healthy

What is Instagram for you? A source of useful information where you can grab some informative material? A kind of relaxation that you need badly after a hard-working day? Or perhaps the way to inspire and motivate yourself in any possible ways?

If you scroll your Instagram feed with the purpose to get one more dose of positive vibe, we are happy to introduce to you Taylor Weaver — a hand-letterer, illustrator, and designer who emits positivity and gratitude both in the color and messages.

One of her bright, dazzling posts reads “Start right now”, and the next one says “Comparison kills”. At least these two messages are already enough for everyone to get a little more encouraged. “I just want to share my own experience,” Weaver said in an interview. “The connection appears when your  experiences resonate with  others’, whatever art-medium you pick.”

Along with bright pictures, the girl writes really motivational posts. Don’t you agree that a lot of people are under pressure of the ideal social media world? Everybody is so perfect and flawless that it finally becomes boring… The essential thing is not to forget who you truly are, what you truly like, and who or what makes you happy. This message is so important and we are extremely thrilled that such people as Taylor don’t give up bringing it up to the society.

It is important for Weaver to be able to uplift young designers with her works, make them laugh, and feel inspired. “Just beautiful is not enough”, she explains, “I want a connection with people, I want my works to be meaningful and effective.” And she seems to do well in this goal — her works appeal to her clients and to her personal audience as well.

If you scroll your Instagram feed with the purpose to find words that motivate and make your soul respond, Rupi Kaur is the one who you must subscribe to. The girl writes the poems that represent the feelings of the entire humanity. Sadness, happiness, sorrow, joy, self-care movement, womanhood, heartbreak — you will find everything between her lines.

Many people don’t take her art seriously as they find it too simple and hackneyed but Kaur doesn’t think so. She explains that a lot of words are odd and you have to remove them to get to the core idea. Sometimes you need very little to put across something really big.
Most of her poems are accompanied by her own tender sketches that perfectly emphasize the tender but strong woman’s nature.

Anna Andrukh

Anna Andrukh