Unusual Food Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

Mechelle Bounpraseut

Being a daughter of Laotian refugees, Mechelle Bounpraseut emphasizes her identity by making tiny ceramic pieces that depict popular food items and brands that have gone deep into the modern culture.

Mechelle was raised in a Jehovah’s Witnesses family, so her artistic passions were not met with understanding nor with support. Being in her 20s she’s left the faith, got married, and kept on pursuing her real passion – art. She picked drawing zines as her first art form and later took a ceramics workshops, finding out this is the medium she’d spend most of her time on. Very soon she’s begun creating clay items, painting them in bright colors.

Her Heinz Ketchup bottle design is definitely one of the most recognizable items she’s designed. A brand and its ketchup bottle that is a must-have of many-many fridges. Making these items help Mechelle materialize her childhood and even create memories. We all have some foods that remind us of our childhood.

Candy Anatomy

Mike McCormick, a medical student at the University of Glasgow, makes anatomical drawings using sweets, such as a liver made from chocolate pills or a heart made from the marmalade.

Furious Burger

The authors of the food blog, designers Thomas Weil and Quentin Weissbuch of Studio Furious, got tired of boring and monotonous burgers and decided to cook their own – in the form of a giant crab, a watch face, a fakir, a hut on chicken legs or a space monster.

Symmetry Breakfast

A culinary blog with symmetrical breakfasts is run by a London girl who prepares the same meals for herself and her boyfriend every morning. It looks not only very stylish but also incredibly tasty! By the way, here you can also spy on great ideas for your breakfasts if your imagination sometimes fails.


Erin lives in Vancouver and prepares the most unusual dishes from different cuisines of the world. You can look for interesting recipes on her blog, especially if you have a couple of jalapenos or some guacamole lying around in your fridge. And many of the subscribers just go here on culinary excursions to look at the next colorful photos and at the same time find out what chapati and mandazi are.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter