Mongolian Heavy Metal Band Creates Stunning Music Using Only Folk and Tribal Instruments

What do we know about Mongolia? It’s a beautiful land famous for its vast breathtaking landscapes, herds of wild horses roaming around luscious planes, and tribes of nomadic people still following the lifestyle of their ancestors. Of course, Mongolia is much more than that and people in big cities have adopted the modern lifestyle, including various music genres that have nothing to do with their cultural heritage.

Still, the Mongolians somehow manage to merge new trends with their rich ancient culture, creating something absolutely unique and beautiful that has the potential to take the whole world by storm. Meet The HU, a Mongolian heavy metal band that likes to create music using tribal instruments. If you think that heavy metal can only be created with electric and bass guitars, that’s where you’re wrong! The HU has an original take on the genre, mixing traditional Mongolian songs and motifs with modern guitar riffs and drum rhythms. Their music sounds absolutely unique!

The band named their peculiar music genre “the Hunnu Rock” introducing such two-stringed folk instruments as tovshuur and morinkhuur to the wide public. Their singing style is also quite peculiar as they use the traditional styles of  Mongolian throat singing like khoomei, sygyt, and kargyraa, which incorporate lots of overtone singing as well as mimicking the sounds of animals and nature in general. Various nomadic tribes of Mongolia have always lived close to nature, so their cultural heritage is closely intertwined with its power and beauty.

You will also find their music videos to be enchantingly beautiful as they are packed with spectacular views of Mongolian vistas, deserts, rivers, and mountains. Their two singles, Wolf Totem and Yuve Yuve Yu, have gained immense popularity on YouTube as soon as they got published. Currently the group is preparing to release an album with thousands of fans already waiting to hear their new hits.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y