Moo - What a Great Name To Give To Your Dachshund

Meet Moo, the cutest puppy you’ve seen on the Internet. Moo is a Dachshund with many spots on his body, which makes him look like he has something from  Dalmatian. Or cow. The dog’s head is of typical colors for Dachshunds, but the rest of his body is covered in black and white spots, which reminds us of Dalmatians.

His fur has many white splashes right on top of his regular fur colors and is called piebald fur, which makes this impression like Moo is wearing a tiny sweater.

Victoria Hoffman, Moo’s owner says these markings make Moo really special. She added that people often ask her to let them take picture of a unique, lovely dog. It’s also hard for people to believe the dog is not actually wearing any little clothes and is actually covered with spots.

Moo like almonds, watermelons and hiding his toys in a single spot. He naps on his back and never lets his owner get bored.