New TV Series You Need to Watch Right Now

“Astronomy Club”

According to one of the latest post on show’s Twitter acc. the series is not getting renewed. It’s been up for one season and now it is over. The comedy show was produced completely by Kenya Barris and featured both sketch and improvisation group.  Astronomy Club was focused on modern, real issues and included everything from pop culture and social life. The concept of the show resembles Comedy Central. Every episode’s main focus would be one of the eight characters of the show.  The eight member of the group shaped their collective in 2013 and reportedly was the only team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre consisting of black people only. Their first sketch project A Journey Thru Black History was their feedback on their personal experiences of being black in the US.

“Space Force”

A businesslike American general, by decree of the current president, is at the head of a newly created type of army – the US space forces. Very quickly it becomes clear to the general that these very “space force” are not accidentally pronounced in tune with the phrase “space farce.”

15 years ago, showrunner Greg Daniels already teamed up with comedy star Steve Carell to create one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of The Office. The difference with the current situation is that the “Office” Daniels did, based on the brilliant ideas of British nuggets Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, while the “Space Forces” relies on the very real, only remotely funny decree of Donald Trump on the creation of a space army on December 20, 2019. American critics are quick to report that in terms of humor, the results are mixed, to put it mildly. The good news is that Space Forces, like other flagship television projects of our time, even in case of failure, does not look like an unnecessary television filler, but as a spectacle of the scale of a Hollywood blockbuster with big stars (a pair of Karella is John Malkovich), from which it is difficult to look away.

“The First Team”

Zero British screenwriters Damon Beasley and Ian Morris poked fun at embarrassing virgin schoolchildren in the cult sitcom Overgrown; in the tenths, Beasley single-handedly destroyed the image of Scorsese’s swindler-dudes in the undervalued “White Gold”. Today, Beasley and Morris have joined forces again to mock another ridiculous male type – the English Premier League players have waited for their turn. The series “The First Team” also has a trump card hidden up its sleeve – the outstanding American comedian Will Arnett as the team manager.

“I May Destroy You”

An alien beauty blogger named Arabella enjoys life and her newly acquired status as the “voice of a generation” until one horrible day she realizes that she appears to have been raped in a nightclub last night. The traumatic experience forces the girl to adjust her own views on modern life.

BAFTA laureate Michaela Coel has become famous as the creator of the sitcom Bubble Gum, and in general, it is obvious that the beginning of her new series I Can Destroy You, where she acts as an actress, writer, and director, is a slightly veiled autobiographical plot … A sharp mixture of genres and a personal manifesto at the heart of the drama may sound dubious on paper, but this plot could only be filmed in 2020. This creativity of the “voice of a generation”, as usual, is valuable.

“Perry Mason”

Slightly battered by life, lawyer Perry Mason, who lives in languid Los Angeles during the Great Depression and specializes in serious crimes, is preparing not only to smear his next client but, as always, to prove his innocence and to catch the real villain by the hand.

Perry Mason is one of the most popular noir detectives of all time, the hero of an endless number of books, films, and television series. The new – expensive and sparkling – version of the HBO production franchise automatically looks like the main blockbuster of the season, but the seasoned viewer should be aware that any interpretation of a popular character is only as good as the performers are. The star of the series, Matthew Reese, has managed to earn a good reputation by filming the spy thriller The Americans for the past few years, but it is difficult to say anything concrete about the talents behind the scenes: writers Rolyn Jones and Ron Fitzgerald and director Timothy Van Patten managed to work on separate episodes of almost all famous HBO series, however, as full-fledged showrunners and lead director, this is their first project.

“Mapleworth Murders”

April 2020 saw the launch of Quibi, a new highly conceptual streaming service – a packed show with episodes of up to 10 minutes and intended to be viewed on mobile screens in portrait orientation. A billion dollars was spent on the content itself, another half a billion on advertising – and the result was a deafening failure. The service’s management blames the coronavirus for everything, but you and I understand that the name, concept, and place in the market for this startup have always raised questions.

Quibi’s “Mapleworth Murders” looks like a last-ditch effort to lure new subscribers. It is an absurd parody of detective series, produced by the creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, and featuring an unprecedented number of American comedians of the first magnitude.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter