Non-Basic Films About Autumn

Literally, in a month it was so cold outside, and in my heart, it was so sad that we had to find doping. Here are 12 cozy, minimally pop films against the background of autumn, which will morally prepare you for the cold and save you from the feeling of loneliness, which will only get deeper every day…

Amelie (2001)

The introvert Amelie had a difficult childhood and now works in a café in Montmartre. One day, a dreamy girl encounters a stranger who awakens in her a desire to make everyone around happy. So Amelie invents adventures and eventually falls in love. However, the most difficult task is, to be honest with your loved one. How Amelie builds seduction strategies is a separate art form.

Dan in Real Life (2007)

Steve Carell, whom we love so much for his role as the boss in The Office, plays the funny journalist Dan with his three children in this film. Dan leads a column of useful advice in a respected publication. He accidentally falls in love with his brother’s bride and, having tested his own advice on his own experience, realizes – they are all bullshit. He has to find a way to put life in order.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)

American nineties. A minor Cameron Post was caught in the car during sex with a girl. Her parents are forcing her into conversion therapy with God’s help, which seems to cure homosexuality. During the “treatment” Cameron is convinced that the root of her homosexuality lies only in the desire to be as perfect as her girlfriend. A little later, the “patients” find a pool of blood in the toilet of the center – this encourages Cameron and her new friends to fight against inadequate leadership.

Blaze (2018)

This is a biopic about country singer Blaise Foley, who fell in love like a star, died as a star, and became popular as, in fact, a star – after death. The plot of the film focuses mainly on the failures that Foley suffered much more than victories. Critics call this film one of the best about country music.

Submarine (2010)

Oliver Tate is a smart boy. But all he wants now is to save his parents’ hopeless marriage and have sex until they are sixteen. A classmate, whom Tate is delighted with, first uses it, only to provoke jealousy in the former. When they start a relationship, Tate learns the terrible truth about his mother and is frustrated by his beloved, and then goes through a difficult emotional meat grinder and begins savagery. We recommend watching “Submarine” also because the soundtrack to the film was written by Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys!

Monnrise Kingdom (2012)

The sixties, Boy Scout Camp in the British Isles. The brave and almost ingenious scout Samuel falls in love with the difficult girl Susie, who ran away from home. The couple decides to move away from the adult world at any cost and runs away as far as they can. Meanwhile, naughty Sam’s guardians refuse, so the price of escape rises. The film features Hollywood bingo, as director Anderson likes: Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis, James Norton, Francis McDormand, and others.

The Lake House (2006)

Melodrama, but not simple, but fantastic. Designer Kate moved to a big city and sold the house, leaving a letter in the mailbox to the new owner. In it, she apologized for the dog’s footprints on the bridge. However, the new owner, architect Alex, did not see any traces. The characters begin correspondence, fall in love with each other, and later it turns out that Alex lives two years earlier than Kate. How is this even possible?

Dead Poets Society (1989)

If you’re impressed with the Truman Show, you’ll be impressed by Peter Weir. John Keating, a new literature teacher, comes to Welton College, which has a strong teaching tradition. With his freedom of thought and teaching methods, he impresses students who have been forced to keep quiet about important things for years. Together they renew the forgotten “Union of Dead Poets”, which radically changes the fate of the pupils.

Detachment (2012)

A little more socio-psychological cinema on the background of autumn. This time the topic is alienation. Henry Bart earns his living by replacing teachers. He accepts an offer to work in a college for difficult teenagers who have poor contact. While Bart tries to change this, he discovers that relationships in college are difficult not only for teenagers but also for adults and for all city residents in general! One day, he picks up a girl from the street who has sex for money and tries to overcome the ubiquitous alienation to save her life.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter