Our 5 Favorite Hairstyles From Rita Ora

Every time Rita Ora changes her hairstyle we are truly fascinated with each of them. That’s why we decided to make this little collection of Rita’s biggest recent hairstyle trends.


We all love headbands and Ora does too, The only difference is that her headbands perfectly match her outfits, which is not an easy task to do.

Bright Colors

Of course, it’s not real hair Ora is wearing on this picture, but nevertheless, it looks great and proves she’d rock a daring color perfectly well.

High Ponytails

Your hair may be long or short, but a high ponytail will always look good and our favorite stars seem to know that too.

Side Bangs

Ora is not the first Top-class star to part her hair in this 90’s inspired way, but somehow she managed to really remind us all of the decade and fashion trends that were prominent at the time.

Baby Hairs

If you never liked those little hairs and spent many time unsuccessfully trying to fix them, here’s another, creative approach for our favorite stars – make a great style out of them, just like Rita does.