How the Movie "Parasites" Took Over America

The ceremony, which was supposed to be extremely predictable, suddenly erupted with unexpected intrigue. The best film was the South Korean hit “Parasite” by Pong Joon Ho, which also won in the foreign category – and this is a unique case in history. The main “Oscar” and previously took away non-American films. As a rule, British, once – French (“Artist” in 2012), although there were almost no words, and even those are English. But the triumph of the completely foreign-language film at the Oscars was certainly a sensation.

Pona Joon Ho’s film brings the recklessness of spectacular effects and black humor closer to Tarantino’s work. True, in “Parasites” there is much more eastern bloodiness and excesses that beat on the nerves.

However, it was the Korean who won, who earlier brought his country the first Palme d’Or in Cannes. Pong Chung Ho, one of the highest-grossing directors in his homeland, has perfected the eclecticism of genres traditional for national cinema. In his films, black comedy organically coexists with bloody action, social satire, and sincere emotionality. Finally, his signature cocktail was tasted in Hollywood. It’s no coincidence that HBO (which made Game of Thrones) has already promised to turn Parasite into a miniseries.

All in all, Bong Joon Ho went on stage four times. His film also won awards for directing and best original screenplay (and was nominated in six categories in total). The favorite “1917” ended up putting three “technical” statuettes (out of 10 possible) into the piggy bank. I must say that the unexpected triumphant made a pleasant impression on the audience. Going out for the director’s statuette, Pong Jun-ho, in irresistible embarrassment, suddenly began to confess his love to Martin Scorsese, after which the whole audience stood up and, turning to the living classic, applauded for several minutes standing.

Every filmmaker should be aware that we are dealing with a completely new type of audience today – an international audience. This means that all films today must be made with a global focus. Countries should invite experts with international experience to help select national stories that, with some refinement, can be understood and accepted by audiences with different cultural backgrounds.

Let’s talk about other films this year. In the acting nominations, there were no surprises at all, and this in itself was a pleasant surprise. As desired by millions of fans around the world, the best actor was Joaquin Phoenix, who played the funny villain in “Joker”. Best Actress – Renee Zellweger for her role as Judy Garland in Judy. Brad Pitt (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”) and Laura Dern (“Marriage Story”) won in the supporting categories. Exactly the same alignment was at the Golden Globe. And for everyone except Zellweger, this is the first acting statuette in his career.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter