PE Teacher Runs a Marathon in His Backyard to Raise Money for Healthcare Workers

Although gyms and stadiums are closed, you shouldn’t stop your training. Rafferty Gunn, a PE teacher from England was supposed to run a marathon this April, but, as you could guess – it didn’t happen due to pandemic. Nevertheless, Mr. Gunn came up with an idea to complete the race in his own, little garden of six meters and even collect some funds for UK’s healthcare workers.

What’s special about this man’s marathon, is that he ran it in Crocs, thus paying tribute to NHS workers. “NHS workers were complaining about all the long hours they have to work and how uncomfortable that is, so I decided to run the whole marathon wearing Crocs and get more attention for the NHS,” he said in an interview.

His initial goal was a thousand pounds, but he raised almost ten times more. When he saw the money coming in, he decided it’d worth it to increase the distance, so it was 50 kilometres (almost 31 miles).

He even let people vote on which Crocs he should wear out of five pairs that he owned.

BTW, the Crocs’ CEO found out about the backyard marathon and sent Rafferty 12 pairs.

You can still donate on his GoFundMe and follow his IG page with workout tutorials.