Photographer Sacrifices His Drone to Capture a One-of-a-Kind Volcano Eruption Video

Did you ever dream to see a volcano eruption so close that you could literally feel the hit of its lava? Well, even if your answer is ‘no’ there are lots of people out there who would do anything to get as close to the erupting beast as possible. It’s incredibly mesmerizing to watch waves and splashes of lava emerging from the depths of the Earth where no man can ever step. The heat there is unbearable!

Iceland is known for its many volcanoes and you wouldn’t surprise the locals with plumes of hot smoke painting the sky all shades of dark grey. Still, when a volcano erupts it’s quite a big deal and there are people who are willing to rush there and witness the amazing natural event. Some may call it a disaster, while others refer to it as the most beautiful things they’ve ever seen.

Image by @gardarolafsphotography/Instagram

Garðar Ólafs is one of those adventurous people who simply can’t miss an event of this scale. It also didn’t hurt that the erupting volcano, the mighty Geldingadalir, was located not far from his hometown. Can you imagine waking up one morning with an active volcano behind your door? That is both cool and scary on so many levels.

The photographer rushed to the scene to capture the majestic eruption of Geldingadalir and was so mesmerized by the whole process that he lowered his drone too far into the mouth of the volcano. One second he was observing the breathtaking footage of lava moving inside the volcano, and the next he raised his head only to see that his drone has gone deep inside the mouth of the erupting beast. He quickly called it back and, luckily, the little machine was still functioning. It got a few burns here and there, but all in all, it was intact and the footage it caught was truly priceless.  Ólafs confessed that he felt bad for the drone, but it was definitely worth it.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y