If you’ve ever dreamt about making your own candies but never had the time or resources to go and actually learn how to do it, then Polaroid’s new gadget is your new best friend. You’ve probably heard about 3D printers using plastic and other materials to create literally any shape, block, or detail that can be later used to create machines, furniture, or even buildings. But did you know that 3D printers can also produce something tasty and beautiful?

Polaroid came up with a brilliant new device, a 3D Candy Printer Pen, that can create beautiful candies of any shape and size you want. It uses special cartridges with delicious candy ‘ink’ that comes in a variety of flavours: cola, orange, strawberry, lemon, grape, and a few others. According to Polaroid, this candy material is sugar-free and absolutely safe to consume.

The design of the pen is easy and understandable – you don’t need any special apps to use it, just plug it in and start creating. A special LED light will turn on, showing you that the 3D candy-printing pen is ready to be used and you can start creating your candy masterpiece right away. If you get stuck in the beginning, Polaroid provides a few easy templates that you can follow while creating your first sweets. After the candy gets out of the pen it stays soft for a few minutes, so you can mold it to create various beautiful designs. You can visit the Polaroid website to get more information about the Candy Play 3D Pen and what it can do.