Rats are Much Kinder and Smarter Than You Can Imagine

Do you think that only humans have a subconscious feeling to help each other and experience empathy? No way! In this article, we are going to break the mold and tell you all the truth about rats — animals that are not so ratty as most people used to think.

Rats are kind

Rats can empathise and will help their mates to escape from the cage

Despite the common belief that the animals by their nature find other members of the tribe the worst competitors who always struggle for survival, they have the same kindness inherent to humans’ behavior.

At Chicago University, the scientists put one rat in a transparent tube and you know what another rat started doing? It couldn’t stay calm until it found a way out to release its conspecifics. Moreover, it shared his treats with his friend.

During this experiment, the scientists noticed that the free animal started feeling stressed as well as his trapped friend. In other words, they shared the same emotions being in different situations. Amazing, but a fact! It proves that not only humans can be kind and empathic creatures.

Rats are sharp-witted

Curious pet rat, relaxing in her cage.
Photo by Annemarie Horne / Unsplash

Rats love communicating with each other just as people do

Have you ever had a desire to chase a rat? Did you try to install the traps with cheese like in the Tom & Jerry cartoon? Was the result successful? If not, there is a pretty sensible explanation for this — rats are really smart and super suspicious by nature. They act very carefully and perhaps follow the saying that says to measure thrice and cut once.

Why do you think scientists used rats in their research written above? They have extremely high levels of emotional intelligence and behave in a way that people do. They love communicating, they need it to feel satisfied with their existence and, of course, to survive. Guess what is their mean of communication? Urine that helps them to mark their territory within other members of the group.

Well, you may wonder how this fact makes them similar to humans. And it would be an absolutely fair claim because people don’t mark their territory with urine. At least, most of us. BUT the next fact I want to tell you about rats will definitely prove their “I-feel-like-a-human” behavior.

Rats have personalities

how does love scale, is it in inches or miles,
Photo by Derrick Treadwell / Unsplash

Rats have temperament. Is yours an outgoing animal who likes communicating?

Yes, you’ve read it right! Of course, they are not Billy Milligans with 24 different alter-egos but one they have for sure. Some rats are real extraverts, some want to hide from society, and some can be super easy-going chics who just want to have fun.

So, the next time you will see a rat, remind yourself that judging a book by its cover is not always a sensible idea — even the smallest creatures have feelings and can become true friends. Moreover, they are undeniable proof that kindness exists!

Anna Andrukh

Anna Andrukh