Beautiful Things for the House That Come in Handy During Dummer

Not everyone has a cottage, a flight to the sea, or at least the strength to get out of the house and go to the park – but you can spend a good summer in an apartment, especially if you surround yourself with nice looking things. We have selected beautiful and useful items that will come in handy in the heat and will cheer you up, even if the true summer weather never happens.


The main gadget of the summer: they can be very cheap and very expensive, compact and bulky, they can simply accelerate the air or change its temperature (it looks like heating will be more useful in the coming months). Whether you choose a USB toddler that you can carry anywhere or the futuristic Dyson with many advanced features and an impressive price tag, keep your safety in mind. If you have small children or curious animals, it is better to refuse a paddle floor fan: you can stick your fingers in the blades, and the whole structure is easy to drop. The noise level must be 40 decibels or lower to prevent the device from humming. And remember that you should not sit right in front of the fan, even if you really want to: a strong airflow dries both the skin of the face and the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, which practically guarantees a runny nose.

Pretty sheets

A good sheet can improve your quality of life in the heat in much the same way as a fan. Nowadays, bamboo threads and their combinations with cotton are especially popular: besides the obviously natural origin and good moisture and heat conductivity, bamboo has a bonus – an antibacterial effect. Another good material is linen, but this is an option for the patient: linen sheets wrinkle a lot, and you either have to love them wrinkled or iron them after each wash.


Green friends not only please the eye and teach you responsibility, but also purify the air, at the same time slightly lowering the temperature in the room: the larger the leaves, the more cool moisture is released from their surface. Home gardening is a popular hobby among millennials, so finding a beautiful watering can or a fancy concrete pot is not hard at all. For the laziest owners, there is a self-watering system and ready-made terrariums with compositions of unpretentious succulents and mosses.

Everything for the balcony

Since you are not out of town, you can arrange a branch of the dacha on the balcony, or at least arrange a cozy reading area near an open window. Most likely, you will need extra seating – it’s good if it’s foldable or compact, such as the Urban Outfitters inflatable chair, which you can take with you to the beach. It is not necessary to make major repairs: it is enough to hang boxes with flowers on the railing or put a folding table with a beautiful tablecloth – and the balcony will turn into a pleasant place for breakfast or dinner outdoors.

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Photo by Samantha Gades / Unsplash

Crockery and cutlery

Pots and cups break, crack, and get lost over the course of a year, which means new dishes are unlikely to be superfluous – especially if you are going on a picnic and want to eat from your own porcelain plates, like the British aristocrats. You can get by with a basic set of a refrigerator bag and a convenient corkscrew, or take a whole set with you – the main thing is to be lucky with the weather.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter