Rihanna's Unisex Skincare Line

Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty has reached a great success and became one of the most recognizable and popular makeup brands. Now she is getting ready for another big step with the brand. She’s about to launch a new unisex line called Fenty Skin.

The first information that Rihanna was preparing to create a line of body care appeared back in 2017, when screenshots of the documents that the singer submitted for registration of the House of Fenty brand were published on Twitter. She planned to release shower gels, lotions and creams.

Recall that Forbes magazine estimated Rihanna’s total income for 2018 at $ 210 million. These numbers include both Rihanna’s beauty products and a special collection of lingerie released for Valentine’s Day.

Rihanna shared that she’s been designing the new brand for more than two years. Specifically she was trying to achieve formulas that work together with makeup and also eco-friendly packaging that the products come with.

“I believe that skin is our foundation and everything starts right there. Everybody knows how crazy I am about healthy skin, so I needed to create a product that makes your skin glow regardless of wether you’re wearing makeup or not,” she explained in an interview.

Promo clip for the product features Lil Nas X, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna herself. Several Instagram posts from her page state that all pieces in the line will be unisex, because everyone deserves glowing, healthy skin.

Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty skincare line will hit stores on July 31st. On the site, you can already sign up for a waiting list to buy new items a couple of days earlier.

It is not yet known exactly which products will be included in the line – the brand’s patent refers to medication and non-medication skin care, soaps, body care and personal hygiene products, as well as related accessories, tools and applicators. But it is clear that the brand has bright names: Buff Ryder, Instant Reset, Flash Nap, Hydra Vizor and Fat Water are registered under the trademark. A teaser has already appeared on Instagram Fenty Skin, in which Rihanna uses some of the products from the line.

Rihanna revolutionized the make-up world when she launched 40 foundation shades under the Fenty Beauty brand. Now Fenty Skin is promising to create a “new skincare culture”. We are looking forward to!

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter