Corey Taylor is Done with Stone Sour

Some sad news for Stone Sour fans today – the band’s vocalist, (and of Slipknot as well) Corey Taylor, shared his thoughts on the band’s future – “it has run its course”. How often do we hear or read in the news that such and such a group has left one of its members or vice versa, the group has parted ways with its bassist/guitarist/drummer, etc. etc. As a rule, everyone has different reasons for leaving – from Richie Sambora, who decided to give up everything in order to devote his life to raising his daughter, to Chester Bennington, who just hanged himself, leaving not only Linkin Park without a vocalist, but also four children without a father.

But among others, there is one very important reason for forcing friends to break off relations – financial. There are a lot of examples, but now we will give only one – Chris Fen from Slipknot, who has not received his share for several years. We don’t know how the income was distributed in this group, but we are well aware that their frontman Corey Taylor has another team – Stone Sour. And one of its members – bassist Johni Chow – recently spoke about what it is like to be an SS musician and how they share the profits.

Joni joined them in 2012, replacing Rachel Bolan, who is now at Skid Row, in this honorary position. Prior to that, Johni played for a wide variety of teams including Cavalera Conspiracy, Fireball Ministry, Systematic and more. At the time of joining Stone Sour, he had not been listed as an official member for several years, and this new stage became very significant for him.

According to Johni, being an employee is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you lose some part of your freedom, and you can no longer just jam with friends in the garage and lead your party. But on the other hand, as long as you are in the permanent composition, you are guaranteed to receive a salary, despite the fact that the tour was unsuccessful, the bus broke down, the end of the world came, and so on.

Although it wasn’t all that obvious for those, who love the band, as it released another album called Hydrograd and followed that up with live record Hello, You Bastards, it is what it is. Taylor confirms the band is on “indefinite hiatus”.

“We talked about it, all of us, and came to the conclusion we have to take a break with Stone Sour. Not sure for how long. Anyways, that’s our decision for now.”

It wasn’t all that surprising though if you were paying enough attention. Back in June Taylor mentioned how his Stone Sour bandmates are all interested in their own projects.

For Taylor himself, it is his debut solo release CMFT. The record is expected to come out in October. Singles are out and some fans don´t like new songs. Check it on his IG post below.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter