How to Make Your Home Office a Better Place

How to clean the air and why humidify it? The air in almost any room contains industrial and domestic pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas released when cooking on a gas stove. They are joined by biological agents – viruses, bacteria, fungi, and often allergens – pollen or animal hair. The more polluted the air, the higher the risk of developing respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, and immune disorders. Being in a stuffy room is at least unpleasant, everyone knows the state when it is difficult to concentrate due to the lack of fresh air.

It is very important to ventilate the room daily in the morning and in the evening for at least fifteen minutes. Powerful vacuum cleaners help remove dust and small solid particles, and an air cleaner for bacteria and viruses. Modern devices usually include several filters that solve different problems. For example, charcoal helps get rid of volatile organic compounds and bad odors. Air purifiers can be compact – for example, to improve your own workplace or small room. Heavy-duty models are suitable for large apartments and offices.

Wet cleaning and steam

Standard apartment cleaning: vacuum the carpets and floor, wipe the dust off the surfaces with a damp cloth, wash the floor. Wet cleaning is recommended once or twice a week, and you can make it more efficient and faster with a steam cleaner. These devices do not require the use of household chemicals, and the principle of their operation is extremely simple: water heats up, turning into steam. The latter dissolves grease and removes dirt from a wide variety of surfaces: tiles, wood, delicate fabrics. The set of a steam cleaner usually has several attachments: for cleaning the floor, upholstered or cabinet furniture, curtains, glass, and the intensity of vaporization are easy to adjust.

How to reduce noise levels

If you hear what the neighbors on the floor are doing, or cars on the street bother you with the windows closed, then the problem is low noise insulation. This is not only unpleasant, but also unsafe: noise increases stress levels, and the body reacts to this by releasing certain hormones and even increasing blood pressure. Over time, this can lead to a wide variety of disorders, from insomnia to cardiovascular complications like stroke. Of course, against the background of complete health, myocardial infarction from background noise alone is unlikely to develop, but noise is a removable risk factor – which means it is better to eliminate it.

Eco-friendly materials – a tribute to fashion or a necessity

On the one hand, eco-design with its natural materials allows a city dweller or office worker to be closer to nature, which means less nervousness and easier relaxation – and eco-materials last longer than synthetic ones. The same wooden window frames, with proper care, can last a hundred years. On the other hand, concern for the environment is gradually becoming a trend supported by many designers. Natural materials are widely used for decoration – the list of the most popular of them is wood, stone, clay, natural fabrics such as linen, silk, or cotton.

Wood is warm and pleasant to the touch. It is ideal for furniture or surfaces that are frequently touched or walked on, such as doors, window sills, floors. However, natural materials are more expensive than synthetic ones, they require more careful maintenance and suitable conditions – for example, cork cannot be used in houses with high humidity or in unheated rooms. Ecodesign’s color palette usually includes calm, natural shades: pastel tones, as well as white in contrast to dark woody, pale green, pale blue, grass green, and aqua.

How to “improve” a rented apartment

It is clear that repairs with the replacement of materials with environmentally friendly ones are not available to everyone – both for financial and organizational reasons. For example, few people are ready to change windows in a rented apartment, but certain measures can still be taken. The easiest and most budgetary way is to do a general cleaning of the room, remembering that most of the dust accumulates in carpets, on curtains, chandeliers, and upper shelves of cabinets. And, of course, it will not be superfluous to ventilate the apartment more often and get an air purifier or humidifier.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter