Some Podcasts That Can Make You Smarter

We all know – knowledge is power, so why not to charge your skills by intaking information directly into those two wonderful auditory receptors that flank your brain? A great way to do so is by using podcasts, and while the official count has reached over a billion, here are some that are sure to sharpen your smarts.

99% Invisible

Perhaps one of the most interesting design podcasts around. The authors are not limited to narrow topics and find amazing and outstanding stories and facts for each broadcast. Learn about how the barbed wire design or livestock pen was designed. There are also more traditional records dedicated to Cuban architecture and design features of the construction of skyscrapers.

Ted Radio Hour

TED conferences first began in 1984. Today TED talks are a project known all over the world. It is dedicated to the lectures of famous scientists, inventors, cultural and political figures. What they don’t talk about here – about robots, the Universe, the secrets of human happiness. Archived speeches by Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephen Hawking, and Tony Robbins can also be found here.


A 10-episode investigation into the Islamic State – and The New York Times’ first narrative podcast. The journalist Rukmini Kallimaki has been following the life of terrorists for many years, communicating with them through social networks and private chats. On the podcast, Kallimaki tells the stories of people who lived in the Islamic State. The main character – Canadian Ab Khuzaifa (Kallimaki found him through Instagram) – tells why he joined a terrorist organization, how he lived in Syria, worked and learned to kill people, and then returned.

Today, Explained

News podcasts are the real trend of the past year. The first daily news show, The Daily, was made by The New York Times a few years ago. In 2018, Vox released the Today, Explained podcast, which follows the same principle. Every weekday, journalists and experts are looking for answers to the most pressing questions: is it necessary to delete a Facebook account or what is happening in Nicaragua.

Personal Best

A podcast of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the popular genre of “self-development”. Presenters help listeners “Become the best version of yourself. As much as possible. In the given conditions. ” In the first season, Personal Best characters returned to the gym after a serious injury and learned to do backflips, went to the village to give birth to a cow, and a professional DJ celebrated his own birthday for the first time on a grand scale. The best episode is the last one, in which the sloppy Julia tries to start eating neatly. To do this, she goes to the festival of fried meat ribs.

Masters of Scale

The podcast, whose name speaks for itself. In each episode, top managers of companies that have expanded from small startups to international businesses tell their stories. At various times, host Reid Hoffman’s guests have included Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter