Some Things About Malaysia You Probably Didn't Know

Most of us know little to nothing about Malaysia. We know it’s some place out there in Asia (obviously) but of course there is more to it. Let’s dive right into Malaysian culture, people, routines, cuisine and many more.

Unusual Politics is Taking Place

It quite possible for the next Malaysian Prime Minister’s election to take place anytime. Literally any time. There Prime Minister can start it all whenever he want’s just to mess his opponents up. Malaysian people were afraid Najib Razak would do exactly this. But he didn’t. Why? Nobody in Malaysia can actually do a thing to mess Najib’s plans, because he and his party are the only who allowed to have any plans whatsoever. Their party has been in power since 1957. Can you imagine that?

Malaysia is Diverse. Really Diverse

Ethnic Malay take only 60% of the whole population, the rest are immigrants from China, Indonesia Borneo and other surrounding countries. The first three make a big part of the population. Indians come to Malaysia too. The result is a big mix of ethnicities in one place. Not to sound glib but that’s what you call an Asian Greatest Hits compilation. Take a visit to Malaysia and it going to feel like a number of trips.

Photo by Ravin Rau / Unsplash

That Food… That Food

We all know and love Asian street food, but George Town is considered to be the place with the best examples of street food  you’d ever find. Considering the fact that the place is filled with so many different ethnicities, imagine the cuisine. It’s literally everything and everywhere – Malay food here, Chinese down there, mix of two here and special editions from chef there. Just endless and so good.

Some Local Craziness

There’s a native Malay fruit called the Durian fruit and is a delicacy in Malaysia and some countries around. But there’s a thing about this fruit. As soon as you open it up you’ll be hit with the most horrible smell. Some people tried to describe it and there’s many variations of how terrible it is: rotting meat taken right out of the garbage bin that’s been on the sun for days and so on. The fruit is banned from many public places for its smell is not for everybody. But it tastes way better. What is to consider is your breath after trying the fruit, so keep that in mind.

Drug Policy Is Very Strict

Drug laws in Malaysia are ones of the toughest. One that stands out the most is the death penalty for weed possession. Not dealing it, just having it is enough to be sentenced to death. Although it’s so strict drug-wise, some tourist still trying to find drugs and there’s many stories you can find online on the matter. But, if you think about it, it just doesn’t worth it.