Many people don’t like going to the gym because aerobic training or fitness seems too monotonous and mechanical. We have chosen five alternative ways to keep yourself in shape – activities during which you can imagine yourself as a ballerina, boxer, or Lara Croft.


Pilates is a kind of gymnastics that allows you to methodically work out all the muscles of the body. The main thing here is correct breathing, concentration, and slowness.

With the help of the simplest exercises at first glance, the most secret muscles of the body are worked out. training requires maximum internal concentration and disconnection from external stimuli. If we talk about the level of physical fitness that is required for training, then it is minimal, but good stretching will still be of great help during training.

Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga is a kind of Hatha Yoga. The difference is that classes are held in a room heated to 40 degrees; positions (asanas) – 26, but they are still the same, breathing exercises – two. It sounds deceptively easy, but in fact, seven sweats will come down for an hour and a half lesson, but due to the increased air temperature, the muscles will warm up and work much better. Because of the seeming simplicity of the concept, Bikram Yoga is often called any “hot”, which is a bad sense that gives it to the founder Bikram Choudhary, and he periodically (not unsuccessfully) sues fitness centers that try to use his name for their dubious programs.


Ballet (in the absence of a goal to make it a profession) has no age restrictions: if you are upset that your mother did not send you to a ballet studio as a child, you can learn choreography even in adulthood. Of course, you can’t become a ballerina, and even before mastering the finger technique (pointe shoes) you will have to train for a long time, but you can get that very posture, stretching, and generally strengthen your muscles without pumping them.

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance – transferred to the training hall from the modern ballet class. As in modern dance performances, from the outside it seems that the dancers just plastically “flow” and “roll”, but in fact, the whole body works here powerfully and you need to monitor the accuracy of the movements of arms, legs, and body. In this contemporary dance is similar to ballet and Pilates, but more flexible and artistic.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai places great emphasis on endurance and general physical fitness. In principle, you can come with any level of physical fitness, the main thing is to understand that this is a sport, where they beat your fist in the face and kick in the liver, and be prepared for the fact that you may fly in, and it hurts a lot. In the first lessons, everyone dies, but if you tolerate it, then after a few months it becomes much easier, and then training begins to bring real pleasure. A huge plus of Muay Thai is an even load on almost all muscle groups and beautiful muscles. Another big plus compared to classic boxing is the good stretching that a Muay Thai fighter should have.