Steve Scott's Point of View on Modern Living

Steve Scott is a London based illustrator that uses an approach that combines simple and psychedelic, standard and weird, color and shapes that together create an absolutely different world! Let’s find out how he started his way towards what we can observe and enjoy now.

Having a keen eye for modernist architecture and illustration, Steve didn’t even formally study these fields. Actually, this talented man firstly worked as an art director for a computer games magazine, where he created ads to promote websites, drew comics, designed surf T-shirts, and even worked at Disney.

Then he felt that the desire to make a music video has prevailed, and Scott quitted his job. This step led him towards his first animation that, for its part, led him to his current passion — illustration. Long story short, as they say.

All his works are in finding the balance between his love for strangeness and something understandable for the usual viewers. He always struggles with what color to choose. When it comes to creating something from scratch, you become fully responsible for the atmosphere and mood of the illustration.

But where to grab inspiration from? You always have to make up new engaging ideas that would evoke emotions. The answer is forest and travels. Steve’s favorite place to take a break and dream up new ideas is Epping Forest. When he doesn’t do clients’ work, he strolls there dedicating time to personal development and space.

There is one important person in Steve’s life — agent Jelly who helped him to transform his absolutely psychedelic approach into a totally different space and style. He thinks that moving from Sydney to London also significantly helped him.

But how exactly does he create his works? iPad. Only one small gadget that helps him to make magic. Well, firstly he starts with scribbles on loose bits of paper but then he switched to iPad and makes more detailed scatches. Steve even created a ten-meter-wide print for Louvre Mall in Paris on iPad. Another interesting project was for Adobe. The illustrator had to convey the software process into the drawing. You have to be extremely creative to find a way to complete this task!

Steve also works with such popular companies as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Volvo, Mazda, Apple, Wall St. Journal, Channel 4, and Wired Mag. And his dream is to do some illustrated books. He is already working on it and has some crazy ideas. We wish him luck in his outrageous plan and adore his drawing a lot!