If you think about home décor I bet “funny” wouldn’t be in the longest list of words you’d want to describe how good or bad some décor is, “funny” just can’t fit in the world of home décor, right? Well, Suki Waterhouse did put the two together in her latest Argos Home’s campaign. This video would make you change your mind about how décor should and can be taken.

“So Stylish You Can Wear It” is the name of the campaign and it’s pretty self-explanatory and already gives you idea of what it’s about to show. Waterhouse herself wears armchairs, carpets, pillows and blankets as if they were dresses and it looks way better than you could expect. Funny and haute couture met to give birth to those dresses and it’s pleasing to think that the brand and Waterhouse are having fun and being childish.

Waterhouse liked the idea and mood of the campaign so much she jumped into it right away and took part because it was something completely new to her – a perfect mix of fashion and home décor – anyone done that before? No.