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Music for games often turns out to be so good that it begins to live its own life and finds its second, third, and hundredth breath in the mouths and instruments of fans. Last week we talked about fan-made remakes of games, now let’s remember musical remakes: from strings and wind instruments to electronics and dubstep – you can achieve the cool sound in any arrangement. Telling about everything at once will not work, so do not hesitate to share the found masterpieces in the comments.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Surprisingly, the genius theme of Alexander Brandon from the first Deus Ex has never been played out (or hesitated to share). But the magnificent Icarus found fan-made arrangements even before the release of the Human Revolution.?


Tristram theme is one of the best music tracks in Blizzard games, in stark contrast to the nervous and ragged anthem of New Tristram in Diablo 3. And, of course, to the accompaniment of acoustic guitar, it is most enjoyable to wander around Tristram.


Interestingly, Bobby Prince, who wrote the music for Doom, did not adjust to specific locations but simply made a bunch of tracks for id Software. John Romero, who arranged the sounds by levels, decided that this particular composition was the perfect song to start the game. Naturally, all the music in the game was in the midi, but it was immediately clear that At Doom’s Gate could only be thrash metal. If Doom were a black and white sci-fi movie released a century ago, the sound design would be like this.

Legend of Zelda

It seems (and why save the princess?) That remakes of music from “Zelda” can only be done by girls and only on the violin. Of course, Lindsay Stirling’s version is a commercial product, not a fan-made adaptation, but we cannot pass up.

Max Payne

The only thing that can be cooler than the title theme of Max Payne is that in a different arrangement. Remedy’s games have great soundtracks, and we’ll definitely talk about Kimmo Kayasto, Petri Alanko, Waltari, and Poets of the Fall. Until then, enjoy it.

Metal Gear Solid

The main theme of the game, created by Tuppy Iwase, is very reminiscent of the “Troika” by the Soviet composer Georgy Sviridov, written over 50 years ago. However, does it matter what the MGS fans cover? On each instrument, the song sounds different but invariably powerful. The piano is great.

Silent Hill

Speaking of SH music, we invariably remember Akira Yamaoka, although later Daniel Licht took up the baton. Yamaoka-san has written so many wonderful tracks for the series that it’s impossible to single out one of them. For example, here’s a great metal version of Not Tomorrow from the first part.

Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The main theme of TES3 is the most mushrooming place in terms of remakes, even Jeremy Soul succumbed to the temptation, creating music for Skyrim. Of course, you need to listen and play Nerevar Rising with your eyes closed. Yes, she’s just that cool.

Super Mario Bros.

By alphabetical order, the most recognizable video game music theme is at the bottom of the list. The melody, which the children hum, the sailor’s whistle, and the orchestras learn, has become a symbol not only of Mario but of the entire game industry. On YouTube, music from Super Mario Bros. can be found in a wide variety of arrangements. On the wind instruments.

It was really impressed when The Epic Symphonic Orchestra performed music from Mario. During the performance, the background of the scene was lit with the game itself, which made it a perfect tribute to the legendary video game.

No words can encapsulate how fun and lovely it is to every member of the orchestra to remake the game’s music, thus bringing so many memories back! The vintage tone of the video fits so well stylistically.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter