The Beauty of Coincidence

People always hurry up somewhere. Really! Have you ever noticed that we live in a real beehive where there is no place for observing the beauty of the world? For example, you have only half an hour to eat your lunch because a new project with new clients is waiting. Or you cross the road on the red light because these 3 seconds matter!

And you know what? While you are extremely busy saving the world, the wonder happens! Luckily, there are such people as Jonathan Higbee who capture other people in the most beautiful, strangest, funniest, AND coincidental ways.

Love in Paris is real

Are you still thinking that love and romance in Paris are typical stereotypes for old movies? Jonathan Higbee proved the opposite by catching these two lovers. Perhaps they are tourists, perhaps the citizens who decided to lie in the sun embracing its light and their love. It doesn’t matter at all — the main thing is that love in Paris is a sort of magic that has its own distinct flavor, magnificent, quiet, and passionate.
And some skeptics can say that they just got tired after a long tour in the Louvre…

Business is everything!

Captured in New York, this picture describes its nature in the best way — the commercial capital of businessmen and brokers that have to manage all life’s issues and still look elegant and well-groomed. Jonathan comments on this photo and says that “this body of work couldn’t happen anywhere besides New York”. And we absolutely agree! Can you imagine such people wandering the streets of Paris?

Rainy day?

What do you think the umbrella is used for? To protect yourself from getting soaked, from people who annoy you, or from the bad vibe that treacherously can attack you while you are slowly drinking your morning cup of coffee? Not only bad weather can be the reason to take the umbrella with you. And forget about black and mundane colors — it has to be super bright to brighten up the surrounding world!

Watch out, darling!

You are strolling along the streets of New York and randomly see the smoke! This accident isn’t even an accident for New Yorkers, “Smoke like smoke, nothing special. But let me take a pic to show my wife!”.

Or it can be your head after finishing reading this article or after a long working day — the brain is simply fried! And the smoke is like an aftertaste of dark chocolate — a bit bitter but so pleasant!

Anna Andrukh

Anna Andrukh