Let's Get Married! The Greatest Wedding Ball of All Time

For most people, their wedding day marks the beginning of a new phase of life. As you will realize from the pictures below, the merrymaking can result in some interesting moments to be captured on camera. The question is, which one’s will they be hanging on the wall and which of these images will be locked up in a box? Ingvar Kenne captured it all for us.

Who Cares About the Dress Code?

We aren’t exactly sure what these guys were thinking. Our guess is that they aren’t that big on setting dress codes. After all, a wedding is only the most important day of one’s life! Why bother with putting on clothes?

Calorie Attack

This bride is a bit too enthusiastic about her diet. We can only assume that the reason behind her hatred of the cake is the huge calorie count and nothing personal. Maybe try a sugar-free option next time?

A Dream Come True

This bride wanted her love of fantasy creatures and unicorns to be super apparent for her wedding. What we ended up with is a not-so-flattering dive into the sea courtesy of her loyal steed!