The Intricate Way Ryan Kramer Makes Fun of Our Society

If you need a distraction and a laugh, pay attention to what Ryan Kramer does. Ryan, a.k.a. ToonHole, draws hilarious and deep comics about our modern world.

ToonHole, actually, consists of a number of people, beside Ryan, there’s also Mike, Chris and John. Old time friends who work on comics together since 2010. Every Monday and Friday they put out new content. The overall amount of material they produced together is more than a thousand, this includes both comics and animations.

Currently, Ryan is currently directing Looney Tunes at Warner Bros’., He’s also a father, who practices philosophy and meditation. It also seems like he’s crazy about burritos – another of his big works, called ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging’ completely consists of gag comics.

“Before making a comic you need to let your mind go wherever it goes, let it wander until you see that little tail of idea and catch it,” Ryan explained his process in an interview. “My regular comic takes anywhere from two to six hours, depending on style and complexity.”

By now Ryan’s Instagram page has gained over 100K followers. He says it is a pleasure to see people appreciating his works. “I felt great when I was making all that stuff, so I’m happy people are into it and I hope it makes this world a little easier to live in.”

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