The Main Problems of Modern Feminism

The opportunity to vote, enter universities, work and many other rights for women is the merit of feminism. It is still needed because inequality in society persists and not all girls/women have the same rights as men. There are still issues, for example, the rundown of denied callings, in certain nations the restriction on abortion, absence of access not exclusively to education yet in addition to the necessary hygiene products (tampons and pads).

Modern feminism must solve many problems. But some problems can prevent this. More about this.

What is modern feminism: a trip to history

There are three waves of feminism.

The first wave was the suffrage movement, which gained momentum in the late 19th century and lasted until the mid-20th century. The main goal of the suffragettes was to achieve the right to vote (and women did not have it for a long time), as well as to ensure the right to property for married people.

The second wave – the 60s-80s of the 20th century – is the struggle for legal and social equality of both sexes. The right to education, to work, to move away from the traditional role of a housewife is what the representatives of the second wave advocated.

The third wave – from the nineties to the present day – is what is called modern feminism – the struggle not only for the final equalization of the rights of men and women but also for the elimination of gender stereotypes, the cessation of crippling practices (eg female circumcision), free access for all girls and women to hygiene products numerous districts despite everything don’t have the foggiest idea what cushions and tampons are), the annulment of the man-centric framework and the takeoff from the “conventional family”, where ladies are disappointed, in certain nations contractual marriages are still a tradition when the parents pick up the groom’s daughter, she has no right to work and can stay on the street without things at any time).

The third wave likewise centers around different issues: sexism and the generalization of the female body, the nearness of a “biased based impediment” even in created nations, various principles of excellence for both men and women. They also do not forget about the common human problems that they also struggle with: racism, sexism, the same toxic gender stereotypes, and the imposition of certain gender roles, homophobia, social inequality, and so on.

The intentions of modern feminists are bright. However, there are problems with the feminist movement itself. We discover what’s up with current women’s liberation and what issues ought to be tended to first.

Disagreement in Femcommunity

This is a problem of almost any movement: not all its representatives can agree. There are also many controversies and scandals among feminists: radical feminists accuse liberals of softness and affection for men, liberal radicals of harsh methods, hatred of all men and women who do not share their values. Some members said that they had to face cruelty, harassment, accusations, and ridicule within the party itself, which they considered the most tolerant. This suggests: changes in the world must begin with yourself and your micro-community. Until you are tolerant of the environment and accuse a married woman of “obeying her husband,” what kind of equality can there be?

Solutions for other women

The problem with the previous paragraph. Feminism presupposes equal rights for women and men, including the right to education and employment. There are girls who make their own choices in favor of the family: they marry, have children, and feel comfortable in the role of a housewife. And they often face accusations from both parents: traditionalist relatives who constantly give advice on proper motherhood, etc., on the other hand – from feminists, some of whom a priori consider the household an imposed choice and try their best to reject it in favor. career and financial independence.

One of the main goals of feminism is to give women (and men, by the way, too) the right to choose. Everyone should have the opportunity to both obtain higher education and take courses / refuse to enter the university; be childfree or have three children; build a terrific career or focus on your family. And when making a choice, be sure that you will receive support and not fall victim to harassment and unsolicited advice.

Support feminist content/merch of any quality

The third wave of feminism significantly affected the mascot. Therefore, for example, in the movies in recent years, we have been able to see many more heroines than before, in addition, diversity. But there is a downside: unfortunately, these tapes are not always high quality. Some of them simply repeat the plots of their favorite movies, only now the main roles are played by women. The sequel to the famous films with the change of male characters to female characters is being shot. The dominance of not the best remakes is hardly what we expect from cinema, and it is not worth supporting films just because the main roles are played by women. This is not an marker of quality.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter