The Most Fascinating New Animated TV Shows of 2021

We’ve had quite a few amazing animated TV series in the last few years, so hopefully the year 2021 wouldn’t disappoint as well. With so many people staying at home and watching TV (okay, mostly Netflix) there is a high demand in good TV shows, animated or not. If you’re looking for something fresh to watch, here’s a list of the most fascinating new animated TV shows of 2021.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood

On one hand, so many things could go wrong with bringing a fantasy game to life on a slightly bigger screen, but on the other, it just might turn out to be quite a masterpiece. Netflix has been good doing the fantasy genre with TV shows like Castlevania and Blood of Zeus, not to mention that the studio behind this new animated TV show is the one that made The Legend of Korra.

Marvel’s What If

It seems that the Marvel Universe never gets tired or re-inventing itself, even to the point of absolutely changing its main characters. What would have been hard to achieve on screen is easily brought to life in the form of an animated TV show…  So what if instead of Steve Rogers Peggy Carter became Captain America? And what if, out of all people, T’challa was brought up to be a Star Lord? If that seems too far-fetched, wait till you see the rest of the twists and turns Marvel has prepared for you.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

With stunning graphics and even more stunning storytelling, the Star Wars franchise introduces a new animated TV series called Star Wars: The Bad Batch. You’ve probably caught a glimpse of the upcoming show in The Clone Wars, a show that has seen its final season, and The Bad Batch looked more than promising. What will the team of truly hardcore fighters do when the war is over and there is no Jedi left? You’ll definitely be surprised.


If you grew up in the ‘90s then you know very well about Rugrats – a TV show that made Nickelodeon truly famous, gluing thousands of kids to the screens with each episode. The Rugrats were fun, witty, and quite satiric if you looked deeper behind the kids’ characters and into the topics this show brought to light. Well, Rugrats are back! With a new animation style, but with the familiar characters and even the same voice actors.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y