The Most Hilarious Things We’ve Ever Seen Inside a Supermarket (2021 Update)

2021-01-11 Stories

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Going to the supermarket can be quite a mundane experience for some people, but if you’ve ever been to a huge mall you know that it’s never a dull place. So many incredible characters gather there as if drawn together by some magic!

Our first collection of surreal moments caught at the supermarket gained such a huge response that we felt obliged to create a 2021 update with the most hilarious and bizarre things people have ever seen inside a mall.

As you can imagine, we’ve found gems that we had no idea existed! Most of these people clearly didn’t know they were photographed, which resulted in phenomenal photos you will not see anywhere else. Enjoy!

Something Hairy’s Going on

The longer we look at this photo, the more unbelievable it seems. How is this even possible? Having so much hair on your head should be illegal, seriously.

What hair product is this woman using? Some of us could use a few drops of this magic potion to get our locks growing. And if it’s not actual hair, but a wig, we still can’t fathom who and for what purpose would create something like that.

Well, it is stunning in a way, but we aren’t sure it’s the good kind of stunning that turns heads as you walk down the street looking too gorgeous to be true. It’s the kind of stunning that will make your look go viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a Different World Out There

We all know that Walmart is one of the most famous supermarket chains in the world. It has all kinds of goods a person can dream of and, well, it’s also the source of the most mysterious sightings and uncanny photos.

Why does this happen? We sincerely have no idea, but Walmart seems to draw weirdos like a magnet. It almost seems like there’s some kind of rift in the time and space continuum, out of which all these Walmartians keep popping out!

Well, whatever the case, if you go shopping at Walmart, prepare your phone camera because you won’t be disappointed. It’s always such an adventure!

A Little Bit Underdressed

When we go to the supermarket we usually don’t think about the way we dress too much – just put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and you’re good to go. But is there, actually, a dress-code for malls?

Looking at these two gorgeous women, we believe there certainly should be some kind of shopping dress-code – like, putting on some clothes, for example? Really, any clothes would do as long as they cover you up.

We aren’t sure what happened to these women that they were going around the supermarket in their underwear, but it does look totally bizarre. What were they thinking? Did they lose some kind of bet? So many questions and so little answers.

Who Needs a Shopping Cart?

This is one of those moments when you think you’ve seen everything there is in the world of weird supermarket moments, but then this photo comes up. How on Earth is this even possible?

Obviously, this lady didn’t want to use a shopping cart, but instead, she decided to use her pet kangaroo. Are those even legal, by the way? Unless this photo was taken in Australia, that would explain a lot.

Well, we don’t envy this pet kangaroo. No matter how you look at it, the poor thing isn’t having too much fun! We are secretly hoping this photo was Photoshopped because those handcuffs are a bit too much.

Those Pumps are Rad

Fashion trends come and go, but one thing never changes – latex always remains popular! Of course, not all people get it and even fewer people can pull it off, but latex outfits are definitely here to stay.

Most of the time we see women rocking some rad latex outfits, but this is definitely not the case here. This guy looks like he was born wearing pumps and short latex skirts!

You may like this outfit or you may totally hate it, but this doesn’t change the fact that this man looks totally fabulous in his own way. We wouldn’t dare wearing something like this in broad daylight (well, during the night, either), so we can only imagine how much courage it takes to just wear whatever you want no matter what other people might think.

The Future We Don’t Need

Many of you have watched sci-fi TV shows and movies, showing just how amazing our future would be, filled with robots doing all kinds of chores, while humans relax and do more creative stuff.

Well, it seems that the future is here, but it’s not what everyone was expecting to see. This uncanny googley-eyed robot is named Marty and it’s not here just for beauty.

Marty’s one and only purpose in its robotic life is to patrol the isles of the supermarket looking for all kinds of spills. Of course, he then vacuums them away. But are there really that many spills that they had to create this huge weird-looking robot to clean them?

Something Fishy’s Going on

This photo may seem like one of the many ordinary shots people take at Walmart and other supermarkets, but there is one detail that can’t be overlooked. Do you see what’s wrong with this photo?

If you take a closer look you will notice that the mother has handcuffed her son to the shopping cart! It’s hard to believe that this is happening in real life, but the photo is proof enough.

Is this even legal? What was this mother thinking doing this to the little boy? Well, we don’t know anything about this family, of course, maybe this boy has a history of bad behaviour at supermarkets, but this is not the way to teach him good manners.

When It’s Scalding Hot Outside

Did you ever feel so hot during sweaty summer days that you were ready to jump into the fridge and just stay there for a few hours? Well, many people have desires like that, but most of them choose not to act upon them for various reasons.

But this man is different from everyone else – not only did he dream to jump into the freezer, but he also made his dream come true right inside the supermarket. And he chose quite a spectacular pose to do so!

We can’t imagine what it must feel like being stuck inside a freezer filled with ice cream like this - it doesn’t seem very comfortable, but at least he’s finally feeling cold!

Going Away for the Weekend

Did you ever pack for a weekend trip feeling that you need to take literally everything with you? Your favourite couch, a few chairs to sit on, maybe even a table and a floor rug. No? Well, it seems these people are exactly of that kind.

We don’t know whether they are moving to another home like this or simply like to travel heavy, but this car loaded with stuff seems like something you would see in a movie, but not in real life.

Half of these things don’t even seem valuable enough to carry around, but what do we know? Maybe it’s their most precious collection of crates and boxes!

The Attention-Seeker

People do all kinds of crazy things to gain some attention from the ones around them, and clothing is one of the easiest ways to do that. Just put on a gaudy T-shirt and suddenly everyone is looking at you!

But what do they do with this kind of uneasy attention? We really don’t know. This guy decided he would like to gain some extra gazes by putting on a T-shirt with provocative text. Well, we think he succeeded.

But is this a good kind of attention? Does he really think people would be interested in whatever he does in his bathroom? Ah, we really don’t think so.

The Dream Wedding

Some people dream to have their wedding ceremony at an exquisite chapel, while others plan to have their wedding on a beach, surrounded by palm trees and oceans waves. This couple is definitely of a different kind!

This happy couple might have dreamt of a wedding in a church, but when they found out all their co-workers couldn’t attend due to their busy schedules at Walmart – they decided to have their wedding at the very place they met and fell in love with each other.

Walmart may not seem like the most romantic place, but this couple made it work for them, transforming the Walmart garden into a perfect place for their ceremony. And this way, all their friends and co-workers could attend as well!

You’ll Have to Look Closer

Sometimes we go to the supermarket and see just a bunch of ordinary shoppers – at first, nothing catches our eye, but then… What’s that creature sitting on this guy’s shoulder?

Yep, you’ve guessed it right, it’s a little monkey. We have no idea where this guy got a monkey of this size, but here they are – just walking casually and doing their shopping.

Well, knowing that monkeys are incredibly curious creatures that don’t just sit peacefully on someone’s shoulder, we are quite amazed seeing this photo. Why is the little fella not running around tearing things up? That’s a real mystery here.

Long Yellow Things

Out of all the products sold at supermarkets, all the goods, clothes, and gadgets, we see ‘long yellow things’ being sold for the first time. Seriously, who was creating the fruit labels at this mall?

Well, we can’t really argue with this definition of the banana, but wouldn’t it be easier just to write ‘bananas’? This is very confusing, to say the least.

Next, they’ll be saying ‘big round stripey things’, ‘round brown things’, and ‘little red triangular thingies’? We believe people have created fruit and vegetable names to avoid confusion like this.

I’ll be Back in 10 Minutes, She Said

This has happened to all of us one way or another, and it’s not only women who say they’d go shopping and would be back in ‘a few minutes’, which in most cases turns into hours. Guys can be lost in the shopping isles as well!

Whether it’s a sports section, a delightful massage chair, or a whole department of cosmetics, both men and women easily get devoured by the magic of the supermarket. And those left behind can only wait for them for hours and hours…

What happens to them? Who knows. But sometimes when the shoppers do finally come back, all they find is dust in the wind.

Sounds Fair

If we step away from the weirdness of supermarket customers for a second and take a look at the malls themselves, we will also find lots of bizarre things going on. This deal, for example, seems like something from the parallel Universe.

If you buy 3, you will get 0 for free! That seems incredibly straightforward, don’t you think? Who would create this kind of ‘deal’ and why?

There’s hardly anyone in the world who would act on this kind of sale. Either they made a printing mistake, or it’s just one of those mysterious things that happen at supermarkets all the time. There’s no explanation, we just have to accept it for what it is.

Glamorous Shopping

Who said you can’t look glam and gorgeous when going out to buy some groceries? And if wearing a stunning dress isn’t enough, you can also choose a matching outfit for your partner, well, in this case, it’s a baby.

This beautiful lady chose an outfit worthy of a supermodel and even prepared a special pink outfit for her little girl, as well. How cute is this?

We rarely see ordinary people dressed like this, mostly it's celebs, who love matching outfits and designer clothes. But when you come to the supermarket - everything is possible!

No Children in the Basket, Please!

Some supermarkets will allow hoards of kids to ride inside their shopping carts, while others can even tolerate grown-ups riding there. Still, some malls have stricter policies about using their carts, and this is definitely one of them.

It doesn’t matter how small your kid is, children are not allowed to ride inside these baskets. But they didn’t say anything about turtles, so that should be okay, right?

Well, if there’s no sign saying ‘don’t put turtles inside the shopping cart’ we can only assume that it’s totally in accordance with the supermarket’s rules. Seeing this fella riding in the shopping cart is a pure delight, though!

They are Among Us

It seems that the preparations for Halloween can start anytime during the year, be it summer months or just a few days before the celebration. And what better place to buy your Halloween costumes than Walmart?

Well, Walmart fashion is definitely not for everyone and if you want to look chic and glamorous you should look for your Halloween costume elsewhere. But if crazy, fun, and ridiculous is your kind of fashion then go ahead and buy one of Walmart’s weirdest Halloween costumes.

We never suspected there existed costumes of the characters from the Among Us game, but here they are! Now we are wondering, do the people wearing them have to team up against the Imposters as well…

When You Need to Reach the Top Shelf

We respect all women wearing heels because one needs a whole lot of dedication and patience to make their feet suffer like this, but it seems that this woman is the real Queen of Heels and would win against all other ladies in a heels-wearing competition if there was one.

These stilts are ridiculously high and uncomfortable! We can only speculate about why would anyone wear such heels in their right mind, but for some reason, she decided to learn how to walk in these, and we can only applaud her for all the efforts.

Obviously, she can not only stand in those but also walk around the supermarket, while pushing a cart. The latter must be helping her to keep the balance, otherwise, we have no idea how she’s doing it. This is definitely something you don’t see every day!