Body Positive Brands That Really Make a Difference

GabiFresh x Swimsuits

It still a bit cold outside, even in California with 57 degrees last month, but we need to be prepared for summer so the sun warms our shivering bones. Finding anything in plus-sizes that are sexy can be difficult, and if we are talking about swimsuits it is Super difficult. GabiFresh’s 2020 plus-size collection with Swimsuits For All has it all, and I want all of them.

I have a pool next to my home, so I am always in search of new swimwear. I have many suits, but a lot of them are made for mass but not for me personally. I’m a firm believer that you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but if what you want to wear doesn’t come in your size, that’s a major bummer.

The collection is desert inspired. You can see it in materials, stitches, and colors. And we can not admire the marketing campaign. It is just fabulous.


Claiming that a brand, for example, supports the body positivity movement is a good marketing ploy, since these topics are on the agenda today. However, not everyone uses this step to gain attention. For example, the Missguided brand abandoned the use of Photoshop in its campaigns, without announcing it until the moment when buyers themselves did not notice the changes.

The brand began to use non-retouched images in its online store on the website. For example, in 2017, netizens discussed a picture in which stretch marks were visible on the model’s chest. In 2016, the brand launched a campaign featuring plus-size model Barbie Ferreira, all of whose images were untouched.


The retailer did not officially announce a complete rejection of Photoshop, but in 2017, pictures in the swimwear section caused a great resonance. One British Twitter user noticed that the site posted an unretouched photo of the model showing stretch marks on her thigh. She posted a screenshot on her blog and praised the brand for supporting natural beauty. Her post received over 150 thousand likes and over 45 thousand comments.

Most of the netizens joined in the delight. However, some noted that a photographed photograph was posted on the brand’s website in other countries, for example, in Italy. Today, the Asos website also actively publishes pictures of plus-size models.

Lonely lingerie

The slogan of this New Zealand lingerie and swimwear brand is “We help you express your uniqueness”.

In 2016, the brand brought in Girls’ stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirk to participate in a campaign that used unadjusted images. The business did not end with a one-time promotion with the stars – the brand consistently preaches body positivity in all its marketing campaigns.


Another online retailer that has ditched perfect shots from their catalog is Boohoo. The company also posted unretouched shots of the model on the website, on whose skin stretch marks were visible.

However, the transition to a tolerant fashion was not so easy. In the same 2018, the brand was accused of using too thin girls for the plus-size section.


Many girls suffer from the inconsistency of their bodies with fashionable standards, but young mothers can also experience no less stress: a serious restructuring of the body is added to completely new responsibilities and life circumstances.

Well, when you see ideal figures on Instagram a couple of months after giving birth, you are not far from depression. Mothercare brand decided to support women last year. The brand launched a campaign featuring young mothers with their babies. Of course, all the pictures were without Photoshop.

Swimsuits for All

The brand became widely known thanks to the collaboration with the famous plus-size model Ashley Graham, who was not only the face of the brand but also produced swimwear collections herself. In 2018, the brand presented to the public a campaign featuring Ashley, where the pictures were not processed in a photo editor and generally looked like random photos taken by the paparazzi. By the way, it was thanks to the persistence of the photographers that the idea of the whole shoot was born.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter