This Artist Applies Prosthesis to Broken Porcelain

Glen Taylor is an artist who gives broken and thrown away porcelain a second life. And they way he does it is pretty original – he applies barbed wires, random objects he finds at home, knives and even book pages. What comes out is a combination of two opposite entities – fragile porcelain with rough pieces of metal and whatever.

Previously Taylor worked with pottery and that kind of creation was limiting to him. Once he took an absolutely opposite path and broke the ceramics, he felt the liberation of it. “It took me some time to learn foil coppering or glass soldering, even though I’ve read about Kintsugi art years ago. At some point, I understood how tight and short I feel in terms of expressing myself through means I had at the time,” he said in an interview.

Kintsugi, for those who wonder, is a Japanese craft of pottery reparation. Particularly by mending the broken pieces together with silver or golden lacquer. Taylor widened the range of things to mend the broken pieces with – he applies literally whatever he wants and results are quite unusual and, for sure, eye-catching.

For source materials Taylor attends various auctions and sales, picking things that somehow trigger his memories. Check some of his works below and make sure to show some love on his Instagram page.