A Collection of Cute Comics About Animals


A new comic series began appeared on the Internet back in the summer of 2019. Every comic focused on a certain species of birds and explored some of its’ unusual characters and actions, followed by drawing. Noa Catz, the writer, regularly published her comics on her Facebook page. This didn’t take them long to go really viral.

Idea to start her comics came to Noa’s when she saw a strange-looking bird on her way home. She then looked it up it and thought – what if birds were behaving like humans? How would they chat, make connections and fight? So she began painting.

Canadian Joshua Barkman has been drawing False Knees comics for over six years. These are short, carefully traced stories about birds and (a little less often) about other animals, who talk about the futility of being, think about the eternal and discuss everyday affairs. From comics, you can learn, for example, about the duck’s plans for life or how the robin feels in winter – and find out that we are all very similar. If you like the comics, you can always buy a print with them.


There is no need to present the most beloved drawn cat on the planet (after Hello Kitty) separately – but you can do it. Claire Belton created the character Pusheen with an eye on her cat, whose name is inspired by the Irish word “puisin” meaning “kitten.” Over time, in addition to strips about Pushin, she began to make GIFs with her participation. Pusheen, of course, reminds us more than just a cat, which is why, perhaps, he became a favorite character of many. In the meantime, Claire, in addition to the site about Pushin, continues to work as an illustrator and maintain a separate tumblr blog, where she shows works that go far beyond the adventures of her pets.

In fact, there is no Simon’s cat – that is, there is no one cat that would drive its owner so crazy. Through an invented character, the Englishman Simon Tofield talks about his life with several cats. The very first flash cartoon about Simon, in which the illustrator captured a story familiar to many – how a cat interferes with sleep – has collected 53 million views. To date, Simon’s cat has a whole series on YouTube, several books and already a whole universe, which includes a bunch of other characters.


Doug always wanted to draw cartoons, but as he got older it became clear that his dream remained a dream. While working in a boring office, he began to draw on yellow scraps of paper – this is how Savage Chickens appeared. Despite the fact that the characters of Doug are anthropomorphic roosters and hens, in their adventures real situations related to work, hobbies and, in general, the author’s life are guessed. The comic approach raises stories above the mundane: Doug jokes about the habit of watching TV shows avidly, and Lassie’s dog, and, of course, harmful cats.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter