This Artists Makes Bright Hoops Out of Hawaiian Shirts

There’s been a lot of embroidery artists on Instagram recently, the competition is strong as never before and it’s really hard to stand out. But J. Smith found a way – she literally uses Hawaiian shirts to make hoops.

Jane Smith’s work will immediately catch your eye with its colorful floral patterns but there’s more to Jane’s work which makes it recognizable. Each of her hoops comes with real buttons! That’s right, each of them has a set of buttons from real shirts, so that it would make a complete picture of an important piece of every summer – a Hawaiian shirt.

Smith’s life was full of creative people from the very beginning. She took up sewing at a very young age, thus she was introduced to knitting and cross stitching and eventually found out about embroidery and that was her final stop, sewing-wise. Jane is also into fashion and photography.

Hawaiian hoops are one of Smith’s most popular and best-selling creations, but give her Instagram a minute and you’ll find many other crazy and beautiful designs she’s made.