Who are Food Bloggers?

Have you long dreamed of changing your boring office job for a more interesting activity that will bring not only pleasure but also money? Then this article is for you. In it, we will tell you about the “profession” of a food blogger.

On Instagram, household tags such as #photo eaters #world should know what we should initially appear, and they were accompanied by simple, non-staged photos of the daily meal. But now food is literally becoming art and its place in Maslow’s pyramid can be reconsidered. From the lowest level of satisfaction of physiological needs, it slowly but surely rises to the top and becomes a tool that helps to express oneself!

By the way, tags for food pictures have become more sophisticated and intricate, for example, #foodporn, which implies an exciting picture with food, a picture that gives room for imagination about the process of cooking, eating them, and then enjoying the aftertaste. And in the light of this “predatory” behavior of food, food blogs began to appear on the vastness of social networks literally like mushrooms.

What difficulties can you face

Initially, no one will rush to order advertising on your blog or photography of food if you suddenly decide to become a professional food photographer. To start making money on a blog or food snapshots – it takes time and active actions on your part. You need to be ready for monotonous work, have perseverance. If you have to take a lot of pictures, you will also get tired physically.

Create a blog

You need to come up with a name, it´s a creative task. The name should be easy and memorable. Now for the technical part. Choose a platform to build your blog, such as WordPress. Why exactly her? This is an ideal platform for further earnings, and it is for the sake of it that you started all this.

Buy a camera

No food blog can be popular without beautiful food photography. High-quality images are the foundation of a food blog. Therefore, getting a good camera is a must. Of course, many bloggers successfully use modern cameras on smartphones, which allow them to take quite acceptable photos.

You need to learn a lot

Learning to photograph yourself is quite possible. There are tons of information on the Internet now – sites, blogs, video headings, etc. The main desire. To learn the art of food photography faster – take thematic courses. The cost of courses and webinars will cost you another 1000$. Remember, you still need to learn the basics of cooking in detail. If your topic is healthy food – get to know the rules as closely as possible so as not to suddenly screw up.

Promote a blog

When your blog is full of the first delicious food photos, then you can move on to popularizing it. To begin with, you make a detailed publication plan. To do this, write down the sequence of photos and texts that you want to publish. You can write in a regular paper notebook, but it is better to use a spreadsheet to distribute materials for publications directly in it. Next, you need to create an Instagram page. The main rule of doing this is to place popular # hashtags under your posts so that users can find you.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter