This Comics Shows How Life With Anxiety Really Is

What to do you when you have to struggle with anxiety? How do you overcome this feeling when your heart is beating faster in response to unusual situations? Some people go for a walk or do 20 minutes yoga, some use aromatherapy, and some practice focused deep breathing.

29-year-old Seaton Kay-Smith, a head writer at Sydney film and design collective, Paper Moose, where he has written the award-winning short films and an online sketch comedy series called Nick and Seaton, managed to deal with his mental issues by turning them into three-panel comic strips. He literally made his anxiety work for him by creating pictures with situations that disturb him and other people every day.

Everything started in October 2018, when suddenly he decided to post 3 new comics on his social media channels every week. Now he has posted over 112 comics focused on everyday life, anxiety, and impending doom. But wait! It’s not only about destruction and terrible fate, you’ll definitely laugh reading his posts.

Have you ever felt like a crab who wants to take one step forward but instead he takes one step aside. And you try, try, try… BUT this stuff stands still. Or, for example, you suffer from your own kindness. How is it possible? Let me explain. A lot of people are kind-hearted creatures who always give you a helping hand when you need it. Even if it’s not their duty, they are tired or don’t have time. Seaton perfectly shows such situations on his Instagram page.

Another artist that shares her observations about our mundane routine in a funny way is Clare Kayden Hines. Being a writer and illustrator, a woman started her career at Discovery Communications before joining Apple’s Video Partnerships team. But in 2017, she left Apple in order to pursue the dream of creating her own content.

Clare decided to change her life when realized that she hates doing things she “supposed” to do every single day. She desired to have a room for a creative outlet. Anxiety is a natural reaction of the psyche in a situation of uncertainty, and even outwardly imperturbable people from time to time are tormented by disturbing thoughts. To unload the brain, it launches a campaign to combat anxiety: the subconscious invents small rituals, execution allows you to switch. When such a defense mechanism fails, experts talk about signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) – in this case, anxiety becomes a constant companion of life, and “saving” actions turn into the elimination of threats

The girl’s aim is to find humor even in the stupidest and most mundane scenarios to show people they are not alone. Everyone can feel blue, and it’s absolutely ok!

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter