This DIY Mask Artist Got the Dior's Approval

Since the very beginning of quarantine, people started to make their own masks and many of the attempts has gone viral. Either out of necessity or just to share the unusual mask designs, people upcycled whatever they had around them. But one thing that seem to be the most prevailing source material is definitely a sock. Just get that one lonely sock with no pair and apply scissors to it and you’re done. But, as usual, there’s somebody who stands out – Daniel Arsham made a sock mask out of Dior’s sock with designer’s logo on it.

Arsham has another collaboration with Dior’s designer Kim Jones – they worked on a men’s 2020 collection. But most widely he’s known for his Future Relics relics series where he casts popular objects from 80’s and 90’s in resin, plaster or volcanic ash. Check those series out, it’s really awesome.

For his DIY sock mask, he provides pictures on how to make them. Check out some of the designer’s work below.

He also posted a step by step instructions on how to make a sock gas mask by yourself. Check some of his works below.