Hanny Newton doesn’t have a plan when she begins a new work. She just follows her metal threads, explores the path and lets them go as they will. Shropshire, UK based, Newton’s main source of inspiration is embroidery heritage, which is pretty rich. Her main goal is to combine that old heritage with her own, modern approach to goldwork, thus keeping the art form alive and evolving.

Having graduated from Royal School of Needlework and Falmouth University, she now gives embroidery workshops, where she shares her knowledge of the craft. “I think I managed to balance old, original techniques with experimentation in my classes,” she explained on her website, adding how it is important for her to let students try and approach goldwork as they wish.

Newton says that embroidery should be done just as any other art – with passion, not just making copies. Her open and free approach to things is pretty much an effect of her childhood. In an interview she recalls how her parents didn’t mind her making a mess while playing, thus giving her imagination freedom.”