This Guy Organizes Those Who Survived Coronavirus for an Important Cause

In these tough and weird times, being in the epicenter of quarantine we all doing our best to stay healthy and also doing all possible to take care of people around us by keeping the distance.

Some of us have our close people affected by the virus in some way, they either got through it without symptoms or, otherwise, they experience them now.

Good news is that many of those who suffered the virus are now completely recovered. One man had an idea to bring all the survivors together and make a positive impact.

It helps a lot to see people spending their free time with intention to get together and help others around them.

The name of that man is Guy Trefler – a graphic designer, who worked on a line of cool T-shirts, dedicated to coronavirus survivors. All the proceeds are directed to charities. Find the T-shirt for yourself and your friends on his website –

Check his Instagram page too @corona.survivor.2020