This Guy Uses Household Items to Recreate Celebrity Outfits

Toheeb Adedokun Akorede, aka funnytoheeb has attracted more than 600K followers on Instagram for making his hilarious parodies of celebrity looks. His trick is to only use household items when recreating famous looks.

Nicki Minaj, Nina Ivy, Carbi B and Aquaman is to name a few of the celebrities this African guy made parodies of.

“When I don’t know how exactly to recreate a certain picture, I listen to the artist’s music and look at the picture again, then I know what to do,” Toheeb said in an interview to BBC. “It doesn’t actually happen quickly, as it may seem at first. It takes longer than one day, some recreations take weeks to be done. We work at nights too. But sometimes the idea and material to implement it is just right here.”

Look through some of his best (in our opinion) works below: