Food Around the Globe: Eclairs in Kyiv

This Kyiv-Based Confectioner Makes The Most Unreal Looking Éclairs. If you follow any food artists on Instagram you sure have noticed that macaroons, and popsicles are the most prevailing types of pastry they work with. But where’re éclairs? Well, finally, this treat was taken and by confectionary company from Kyiv called Art Éclair.

The company was founded by Natalia Gerasimchuk, a food artist from Ukraine. Natalia took French pastry and made something that’s never been done to it before. Of course, classic creams and dough are there, but those colorful, bright toppings make her éclairs look literally unreal, as though they were photoshopped.

Gerasimchuk does not limit herself with basic chocolate icing on her éclairs, she’s always trying something new for her toppings. She says her éclairs is a true work of art, a visual masterpiece of confectionary and we agree.

At the time of writing this, Natalia’s Instagram page eclair_littleartwork counts more than 100,000 followers and we’re happy to see every new post she makes for it always features new and stunning-looking éclairs.

They rely on eclairs and are treated to this dessert with additives for every taste and color. Blueberry, truffle, caramel, strawberry, raspberry, snickers, lemon, pistachio, coconut, vanilla, chocolate, cherry – this is not a complete list of fillings with which you can try eclairs at Eclair Little Artwork.

The second place is “The Cake”. The main menu of the confectionery is, of course, sweet: ten types of cakes, eclairs, tarts, marshmallows, and handmade marmalade. the dessert menu was created individually for The Cake and will be updated once a month. The fact that all the latest technologies are embodied in The Cake cakes (for example, the caramelization of chocolate and modern decor) is not without reason – Valera graduated from the Higher National Confectionery School of France under the patronage of Alan Ducasse. Every six months, he updates his knowledge in refresher courses and brings the latest trends in pastry shops from Paris.

The ingredients for desserts are brought from all over the world: chocolate from Venezuela, vanilla from Madagascar, almonds, and flour – Californian. French milk and cream. Local – only fruits and sugar. Once a month there will be specials – pasta, cake, and eclairs. Soon they promise to release their sweets and chocolates.

Be sure to pay attention to the unique desserts – analogs of alcoholic cocktails: Aperol, mojito, whiskey sour in a “flaky” serving. Since the institution is open until the last guest, the drinks menu is quite extensive – apart from coffee, tea, and juices, there is a wide bar and wine list. In the coffee menu – standard items, plus filter coffee and Raf coffee, alternative methods of serving will be introduced over time.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter