This Painter Reproduces Iconic Paintings at the Stage of Creation

Artist Patrick Kramer knows how much it takes to transform a bare idea into some tangible result. Often, if he didn’t like the work he’s been working on he would just scrape it and start all over again. He then figured out that this is actually a common practice and happened to all the famous artists in the past, so an idea sparked in his head to see how would a famous panting look if it was scraped.

Kramer introduces a viewer to something that has never been seen before – discarded versions of such masterpieces as Self Portrait of Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and Grant Wood’s American Gothic. In order to show how artists struggle to reach perfection, Kramer depicts the artworks in the moment of uncertainty, with the paint being scraped off of them.

“The series was originally made for a show based around the idea of perfectionism, that took place last year,” – Kramer said in an interview. “I thought I should demonstrate the struggle that unsatisfied artist is going through by making these destroyed paintings. I’m sure many fellow artists can relate to this series as much as I do – I have thrown away many works of my own too”.

Check some of his remakes below.