This is How Cafes Deal with Social Distancing

Finally, the world seems to return to normal life as parks, gyms, and restaurants begin to slowly open their doors. But social distancing is still a real concern for many, so people trying to be careful.

Maison Saigon, Thailand

One Vietnamese restaurant in Thailand has just reopened and solved the distancing issue their own, very sweet way – Maison Saigon came up with the idea to put toy pandas at each 2nd seat at the table. For those not comfortable with eating alone – you’ll have a nice, plush panda across your table. Every day there is an update to the regulations and rules so you must adapt as quickly as possible. The idea to put pandas at each of the tables is one of the best we’ve seen so far.

Lokal Fish Tales, USA

Lokal Fish Tales, an American restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, debuted bumper tables designed by a local company. In fact, these are large inflatable circles, in the center of which there are round tables on wheels with a place for one eater. Guests can feast, yet additionally speak with one another, moving from table to table, while keeping up the necessary distance of around 180 cm.

Rothe, Germany

Extravagantly, people were reminded of the need to keep their distance in the Rothe cafe in the German city of Schwerin. The owner of the establishment decided that the visitors would be given hats with long multi-colored lips, which “foolishly” would interfere with a dangerous rapprochement.

Mediamatic, Holland

One of the most elegant ways to seat visitors has already made the Mediamatic restaurant famous in Amsterdam. By June 1, when catering establishments opened in the city, small separate “greenhouses” for two were erected here, installed right on the embankment by the water.

Crossfields Australian pub, Austria

One of the strangest ways to divide guests was the one chosen at the Crossfields Australian pub in the Austrian capital Vienna, which opened on May 15. There, at the tables, one after another were placed the giant heads of warthogs. Not only to keep a minimal distance, but also for lonely people to have a company while eating and drinking.

Open Hearth and Inn at Little Washington, USA

In the US, meanwhile, they worry that restaurants that will start operating under the new rules will look frighteningly empty. In some establishments, they decided to fill the space, artificially creating the feeling that there were a lot of people in the hall. At the Open Hearth restaurant in South Carolina, inflatable dolls – smartly dressed, with makeup and styling – took up seats at the tables as guests.

The three-Michelin-starred Inn at Little Washington, Virginia, has taken a similar approach to create the illusion of being fully seated in the establishment, with mannequins serving as guests. They were also beautifully dressed and filled a space that can now only be occupied by real live guests by 50%.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter