We all know some specialty or even niche Youtube channels, but most of them are pretty specific and are relatively small, subscriptions-wise. Primitive technology world channel has amounted to 10 Millions subscribers by now. These people feed their channel with such material like building campfires or whole houses from scratch using only primitive methods and no modern technologies whatsoever. The first man to run the channel was Australian native, John Plant.

John’s first video on the channel was uploaded in 2005. In that video he builds a hut with a fireplace and a tiled (!) roof, and he starts it from bare nothing. John doesn’t say a single word during the video, it’s only him working and working and it seems like that silent determination and invention is what attracted so much people to John, which eventually made him a Youtube star.

John was interested in building his whole life. At 11 he made his first hut in his backyard woods. Obviously he didn’t stop with that. He graduated, he got a job and only then decided to start a channel and share with people. He’s one of the mot unique content creators on Youtube, with a whole new genre he’s solely responsible for.