Anne-Marie Transformed Her Hair and It Looks Stunning

It is a fact that we’re used to see celebrities experiment with their hairstyles at home. It’s all fun when they dye their hair crazy colors, but Anne-Marie is ahead of the game – she dyes her hair by herself and shares videos of the process online.

The singer is obviously a big fan of bright colors, that’s what she proved while staying home during lockdown. She took a bottle of hair dye, took things in her own hands ending up with a different, fresh makeover.

Everyone can see the whole process of Anne-Marie dying her hair from start to finish online. She didn’t avoid capturing the mess that comes along with the process too.

Couple weeks later after her first video of dying her hair pink the singer proceeded and switched the color to violet. And it was a great material  again. If you notice your blonde hair is losing its depth in color, take a look at Anne’s book and pick a new, wild color for yourself.