Top 3 Female Skateboarders Everyone Should Know

Skateboarding is coming to the Olympics for the first time in summer 2020 in Tokyo. Do you think that only men will participate this year? No way! We are moving forward and breaking the mold about females in this difficult but engaging kind of sport.

Let us introduce to you 3 women that can use a skater better than you can use your toothbrush.

Leticia Bufoni, 26: São Paulo, Brazil

We have decided to put this girl first on our list because she can be a real symbol of determination and power when it comes to following your dreams. Why? Being a small girl, she managed to withstand her father’s anger and hate towards her favorite hobby. Leticia’s father didn’t support her passion until he saw that the girl doesn’t plan to give it up and, moreover, is going to compete in the 2007 X Games in LA. And guess what? She never got the ticket home — that’s how her successful way towards skateboarding glory started.

Leticia Bufoni is the first woman on the cover of The Skateboard Mag and the first woman signed to the Nike SB team. In 2019, Bufoni was selected to be a member of Brazil’s first national skateboarding team. What an amazing truth and determination!

Lacey Baker, 28: ‎Covina, California

This girl is an outstanding example of LGBTQ individuals in skateboarding who is strongly aimed to rock the world of skaters. Being a Nike ambassador, Lacey was recently named to the first-ever United States skateboarding Olympic team. The girl says that it’s really difficult to compete in a world that was controlled by men so far. During her journey, the sponsors pressured her to dress more “girlish” and behave in a certain manner.

But you know what? She didn’t give up and even designed the first Nike skate shoes for women after joining Nike’s roster in 2017. By the way, have you seen them? Lacey doesn’t like thickly protective sneakers which most skateboarders wear but prefers slip-ons. She says that they help her to feel the board the most and keep everything under control.

That’s why her main aim is about authenticity and really being yourself. Despite all the obstacles that may occur, despite all the broken ankles, and all the broken hearts.

Alexis Sablone, 32: Brooklyn, New York

Alexis Sablone is the main member of the United States’ first-ever skate team (and a role model for Lacey Baker, by the way) who showed her talent being a young girl. In 2002, she became a star of a classic skate video from a now-defunct shop in Boston called Coliseum which later became a total cult sensation.

Now she is a seven-time X Games medalist, whose contribution to the skateboarders’ world is invaluable. Being an architect by profession, she designed a skateable public sculpture in Sweden, decks as art director for WKND Skateboards, and other huge sculptures representing freedom through skateboarding.

Now she is a woman who a lot of girls are following for her strong identity and distinct style. Especially, when it comes to clothes, she wears the most original and the most stylish pants ever. We absolutely love it!